Civil Rights Work

Mr. Kash has been involved in both the defense of civil rights claims and in bringing claims for violations of persons’ civil rights. Claims for civil rights violations include so-called “excessive force” claims by people who are injured as a result of state, local and federal government officials. These cases are extremely complex; most civil rights cases go to the appellate courts at least once before it can reach trial. Appellate review of these types of claims consume a vast amount of resources.

In addition to claims for wrongful arrest, wrongful prosecution, excessive force and general abuse by governmental officials, our team also represents individuals who have been deprived their constitutional guarantee of receiving necessary and appropriate medical care for serious medical needs. These types of cases are often referred to as “deliberate indifference” claims and occur when jail staff neglect the medical needs of those incarcerated persons, resulting in serious injuries.

Mr. Kash has pursued civil rights cases in both state and federal court against the United States of America, the State of North Carolina, and numerous local law enforcement agencies and sheriffs’ departments. Claims against these governmental entities are rigorously defended by government-retained defense attorneys and these cases generally take years in litigation before you reach resolution by a settlement or trial.