Why Choose Us?

Why Choose The Law Offices of Gregory M. Kash?

Compassionate Care for Every Client

Compassion is the driving force behind everything we do. We spend a lot of time advocating for our clients; we’re proud to call them our friends. We think it’s important to understand exactly what our clients have experienced – mentally, physically, emotionally – in order to represent them best.

Experience on Both Sides of the Room

With extensive experience representing defendants in malpractice, liability, and negligence suits, Greg Kash is uniquely qualified to effectively represent plaintiffs today. Through 30+ years in trial court, we have become extremely well-versed in legal strategy. We put that knowledge to work for our clients.

Focused, Intentional Practice Areas

Having tried hundreds of cases to juries in NC, we’re more than qualified to represent our clients in the areas of Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Injury/Negligence, and Products Liability. Our Civil Rights work typically focuses on Section 1983 cases, but we’ve tried cases in prisoner abuse, excessive force, and even deliberate indifference, among others.

Successful Outcomes All Over NC

From Raleigh to Charlotte, Asheville to Wilmington, and everywhere in between, we work with plaintiffs all over North Carolina. We regularly receive six- and seven-figure settlements on behalf of our clients, helping them get back to work, back to health, and back to living their lives.