Product Liability

We have 20+ years of experience handling a variety of products liability cases including negligent design, negligent manufacturing, and unfair and deceptive trade practices for a variety of products. The Law Offices of Gregory M. Kash has successfully represented individuals injured by failure of numerous products - medical devices, prescription drugs, diet supplement drugs, and numerous other products - that resulted in personal injury to the end user of the product.

When evaluating a products liability action it is important to understand the science behind the product, the specific product experience as evidenced by scientific literature, and the various types of experts needed to evaluate the product from a products liability standpoint. We have utilized numerous experts in various fields to assist in pursuing products liability claims. The compassionate professionals at The Law Offices of Gregory M. Kash recognize that a product failure can result in catastrophic injury that takes an enormous toll on users and their families. We are happy to help you evaluate your potential claim and pursue the full course of justice on your behalf.